Staffing & Recruiting

Ladder Careers is dedicated to deliver long-term value and results to its clients through permanent staffing and recruitment services, which include

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Training & Development

We believe that people make the difference. It was with this philosophy that we set up our training and development wing in the year 2000.

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Payroll & Compliances

We offer end-to-end Payroll Processing service to corporate houses covering employee compensation benefits as per

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Recruitment Process OutSourcing

We at Ladder Careers, a leading service provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in India,

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Welcome to Ladder Careers Pvt Ltd.,

While the success of any product or any service in the market depends on the Four P’s (Product, Place, Promotion, and Price) the success of an organization shall depend on Human Resource (Employee) deployment. Deployment is all about a right Person in right Position, for right Product and for right price.

While employers are facing stiff competition in hiring and retention of employees, employees prefer to join companies with good reputation and handsome remuneration. Striking a balance between these two is quite impossible, unless provided with the right resourcing partner.
Finding right employees has become one of the toughest challenges for the HR teams of all the Multinational Brands across the globe and this is why, the need for an external resourcing vendor has come up. The trend of outsourcing is the toughest and niche positions of the organizations resemble the importance and the key role being played by third party HR consultants.

You are seriously in search of a third party consultant for resourcing needs and your focused approach towards your target has lead you to this page and we are sure, we can serve the best in the Industry, for customer delight is what we believed then and what we believe even now.